Retrieval from a distance

Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have a Pokemon stuck in a gym, no battles, no activity etc. Its been there for best part of 3 months now. Is there any way I can get it back? I should mention this gym is about 300 miles away!

Thanks for your help

Find a pokemon facebook group for that area. Give directions and ask them to knock it out for you. Sweeten the deal by letting them know they could easily get a gold gym unmolested if they are/were willing to take it over.

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Thanks, appreciate the help, will have ago tomorrow

That’s why I have a group of rubbish Pokemon for leaving in Gyms and don’t leave the good/useful ones in Gyms.


shouldn’t it have run out of motivation if it’s been there so long? i mean, if it’s so unreachable then nobody should be feeding it berries…

It stays there till it gets knocked out but I would love a retrieval system

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It did go into a countdown from 15 days down and I was hopeful of getting it back but it hit zero and just stayed where it was!

So if anyone is near Thropton in Northumberland…

wow. that sucks dude.
maybe you can hit up some peops on the silph road (they have a lot of trainers there)

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Wooohoooo someone battled it and it came back! 68 days, 1000hrs defended gym badge earned. If it was someone on this forum, thank you.

Glad some has done the the good thing for you.
Lesson learnt I hope?
Don’t put your good stuff in Gyms :grinning:.

Absolutely but what do I know, I am a 52yr old mum playing it with my 14yr old aspergers son! The things we do for our kids.