Researchers, Unite - Did you get a Sinnoh stone?

Did you recieve a Sinnoh Stone from breakthrough?

  • Yes
  • No

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I just want one more hoping I get one but no one that I know of in town is got another one either

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Just 3 hours ago made the breakthrough… after 3 sinnoh got 5 ultra balls. :persevere:
But got the Moltres, the last bird i was missing. Looks like it checks on what pókemon do we not have and those are the ones that show up. Well, now i have all the 6. In a week see what it chooses. :smiley:

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You got three stones

Got another Entei that’s all… :confused:

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Got one so since change 1/2

0/2 on my last 2 Research Breakthroughs.

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0 from last 2 weeks

I have only received 1 stone to date :neutral_face:

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3 stones since change I think or if your saying last two weeks ive gotten 2

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I didn’t get a Sinnoh Stone this time.


Yes, only 2 I got were Research breakthroughs. Thanks, Raikou!

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Since the change. I have received 0, and it has been Entei.

Since change, I’ve gotten Moltres and Suicune but no Sinnoh Stone.

I got the Electric Bird and the Electric Dog. Raikou gave me a Sinnoh Stone. Zapdos didn’t.

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4/4 so far
But not a single stone from battles

I’ll know tomorrow if I’m 0/3 since change

Is easier to get them from PvP I’ve gotten one two days in a row now

Got zapdos and sinnoh stone today

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My experience has been that breakthroughs have delivered stardust and a nice Pokemon (Suicune last night, Entei the time before that, and I forget the one before that). However, a Pokestop spin yielded a Sinnoh stone last night, and sometimes a PvP fight gives one at the end.

I wish the stone would be one of the possible 7km egg yields, as I’ve no desire at all for more Alola variants and find myself deliberately trying to get eggs from stops instead of gifts now.

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