Research you cannot complete?

Am I the only one who gets research tasks for things that I practically cannot complete?
-I work nights and am awake most nights: nighttime raid battles mean 1) lack of fellow raiders and 2) lack of raids. To this day I have never raided with another person, nor won a raid from anything over a 3000 CP. I swear raids were made for people who hang out in malls or marketplaces all day.

  • “catch/evolve XX pokemon” …that you haven’t seen in months. Magikarp? Haven’t seen more than one a week. Ever.

Just me?


I feel your frustrations about raids, as I am also a Lone Wolf hunter. I do however won 3K++ CP raids and up to 10K. My latest defeat is with a 13K++ Lunatone with just a few seconds to win.

Though I have not power up my Pokemons, except the one required on some quest, so I believe I could be more victorious sooner after powering up a few when my mass evolution is finished, sooner… :smile:

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I feeling it will take me a long time to throw 5 Great Curves in a row for this Spinda.


I havent even found that one, but Groudon seems like a good way to cheese that quest


That one is a pain in the a**! Unless you find Wailmers to do it on.


The most difficult is to find that task…

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Aerodactyl, that son of a bitch

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The send Gift ones make me laugh.

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Just delete those. They will be back later. (Take care since some are needed for the special research… keep those and try to get some of the current ones the things that those need.)
Magikarp is easily found nearby waterfronts or parks with fountains. Or making the quests: use 10 pinaps or catch 10 pokemon.