Research on 'players which may have violated ToS'

Which type of players do you hate the most?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • A. Spoofers
  • B. Hackers
  • C. Botters
  • D. Account sellers
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I will end up the survey when it reaches 20 votes in total.

You forgot to put “NONE”

There’s never enough reason to “hate” somebody

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It takes time to get an approval from @Thorend to edit the survey.

Don’t worry, it’s only my point of view, so I can’t participate

Sorry I’m not able to edit the survey.

What is the diffetence between a spoofer and a hacker? I thought they were the same thing. English is not my own language.

A spoofer is one who uses apps to provide a false gps coordinate to the game. A hacker is one who breaks into accounts without the knowledge or permission from the account owner.

Ok, thank you for the quick answer. Hackers are the worst😈

Spoofers and Botters are all Hackers…

One isn’t really better than the other

Nope. Just see what are the objectives of hackers. (Stealing accounts, destroying other’s account or spreading virus through attacking Pokemon GO system to get players info.)
Bare in mind options can be crossovers. You’re only required to choose the one you hate the most.

Until now I think people are gonna hate hackers the most.

To use a quote from one of the Bat Man movies “some people just want to see the world burn”

Probably not me. You will get my point of conducting the suevery.

Hehe, @Thorend, your vote on Botters is isolated…
Maybe it’s because really a Botter not is playing. :smiley_cat:

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We ‘speak the same language’ @bagguille! :grinning:

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Probably should also add “All of the Above” too. I voted for botters, as I think a botter does both hacking and spoofing.


I’m totally fine with spoofers as long as they’re rural

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Caution! @RexPartysaurus is incoming for you.