Research - Field research 7thday Articuno

Oh how i have waited for this one.


Post your 7th day field research catches.



1224 is what iv

I haven’t checked

Anyone know 100s

1224 at my level is 83%

1256 according to go hub old post on all gem 1 gen 2 Pokémon max cp at each level. Lower than the two previous breakthrough Pokémon.

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Same caught it today

1257 = 100 %

I love how you take the time to make a post about asking what the IV is and what CP 100% is, whilst it takes you literally 5 seconds to just go to the Hubs database to see what it actually is.

I did it’s more than 5 seconds because the main post was not up yet on the hub

You are right. it was 13 seconds.
You dont need an article, search for absol in the database.
My point is: you can put in a tiny bit of effort into searching for yourself and have the answer in a short ammount of time. And then the forum doesnt get spammed by all these posts.

How about no because it was 3 posts not spamming

Got 2nd Articuno. He is 98%

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Now if tauros could kindly be the next event niantic

if it could be, that would be really nice thanks


Legendary Beasts will probably be next 3. We might get a chance at another regional during an event where we need to catch a certain number like last year when we got Farfetched.

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Hopefully, because I only have Entei out of them

My only pic of my Pokédex Articuno Justin chillin in My house


Gotta love an icy bird in a hot living room.

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