Research - Eeve crown finally ending

Instead of getting legendary pokemons we got 8 Eeves with flowers :rage:
Finally it is coming to an end - hopefully we will be getting legendaries again :slight_smile:


For who is spooked by the fake LeekDuck image with Santa Hat Eevee, here is the confirmation it’s a fake:

Click it to see LeekDuck his answer.


That would have been cute though. XD

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I wouldn’t mind an Eevee with a Santa hat, but would have been pretty disappointed in another month (or two!) of Eevee as a breakthrough, regardless of what sort of Eevee it was. lol


but we love all kinds of Eevee… :grin:


Crown eevee was nice, but why did it have to be a research reward.


I can’t really care that much about Costumed Pokemon, though I don’t really care about what’s in the next Breaktrough Box anymore. It’s just an extra future.


It only means that you have enough Legendary pokemons and also you have easy way to get new ones.
Since June this year (when I came back to GO after two years break) I got 6 different legendaries from Breakthrough and I only got two from raids. So yes, I was very disappointed when they announced that instead of legendaries we will be getting Eeves… hopefully it will change :slight_smile:


I wish I could have gotten more Kyogres, but I kept getting Groudon.

Trying to do solo Alola Raichu and Skuntank made me appreciate Groudon :smile:
I put all my remaining rare candies there plus I spend all stardust I had at the moment - but I got them both :wink:

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:cry: I want more flower crown eevee, I haven’t got single good one.

I did neither, but I’m glad they’ll leave soon.

Next up: an other PIKACHU. :rofl:

No just joking. No clue what is next.

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