Report of: Kijkduin

Well, I went to kijkduin today. Some people on the hub asked how it is there, so here is a report on how Kijkduin is atm.

Well, at the moment Deltaplein is under construction.

I guess they are building a Hotel or refurbish the area.

Here is Kijkduin on the map of Pokémon go:

At first I thought that I was there for nothing. The spawns were okay tho. It was very crowded there and on the beach as well, because the Netherlands is experiencing a heat wave at the moment, so the temperatures were 30 degrees Celsius. (Officially 25 with a UV-index of 5)

At one moment I met some people who were playing Pokémon go as well, any came here from Deventer (2 hours per train) to come to Kijkduin. With them I took over some gyms, battled a machamp raid, because they are team mystic, and I am too.

The spawns were not bad but not exceptionally good either. A lot of cacnea and cyndaquil, and some makuhita and meditite, and a trapinch. I was very happy with trapinch, because it had 7K dust levels, was 900cp and was 70-80%

I think the day was not as good as expected, but still pretty good.

This is a screenshot of everything I have kept today (and yesterday)

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Really with a shiny Medicham and a Zapdos the captures before seem to be better… :smiley::clap::clap::clap:

They Sure seem to be

The beach with 8 stops is not open?

It was

There you can get awesome pokemons like Magikarp and Feebas

Nope, it was chock full. I repeat: there is a heat wave. Even German people are digging their beach holes to sit in there. There was almost no room to walk

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A reason for me not to go to Kijkduin😆

I HOPE that when i go this summer its better

I also want the Chansey, the Poliwrath and the Latias, to be honest.

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i went to kijkduin last summer, it was disappointing. The 2016 craze that was there has been long gone.
it’s still a good spot and you can get some nice pokemon there if you spend many hours there, but it hasn’t been the Santa Monica Pier of Holland since 1,5 years.
If you’re nearby you should vist, but not worth a real drive.