Removing Eggs from the Storage

I have a problem with eggs and they always give me the same ones (now I have 9 eggs of 5k) when I only want to incubate 10k eggs or not directly.
That’s why I think the game should give you the option to choose what kind of egg you want to incubate and reject the others.
Does anyone think the same?

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Deleting eggs is something I craved for for a long time
Maybe limit storage to 3, I wouldnt care as long as I can throw them out

The best way to solve this would be to reward players for hatching eggs. Lets say once you have hatched over 500 eggs you get another infinite incubator. After 1000 you get another one. Once you reach 3000 you get a infinite super incubator.

I can’t see them ever giving away a second or more infinity incubator. If they never gave one away for reaching L40 I can’t see it ever happening.
This woud hurt the purchases of incubators from the shop and hence $ some throw at the game.
I do like your milestone reward idea and a 3 use one would be more than fair.
Or even better a milestone reward one could have a higher number of uses.
I don’t buy Incubators or Lures anymore as the small coin return from Gyms is all needed for Raid Passes.

I think for the reasons you and others want to be able to throw them away is why we can’t. It would almost be like a cheat. I hate when I’m full up with 2k eggs, but you just deal and hope the next ones are better.

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If we were able to delete eggs & only hatch 10klm eggs can you imagine how many bots & spoofers would have 5,000+ candy for the likes of wailmer & slaking or any time tier mon within hours of them being released?
Also it would be a pity not to be able to hatch a 100% Wailmer from a 2km.
Plus sometimes it feels like Niantic Troll us - I’m imagining a situation where by deleting all but the 10km eggs you hatch only Sableye & Miltanks… :joy:

I have stopped incubating a week ago and I do not plan to do it again :man_shrugging:

Fair enough but you can still use the free incubator - who knows you may hatch something good from one of those eggs.

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