Remote raid/selling raid spots/bots

If I anyone sat in q for Mega Rayquaza this weekend you saw how broken this game currently is.

People selling raid spots using bots to create fake accounts to clear a q of 300 plus in less than 5 minutes

Pulling people into fake raids to get them out of the way for sold raid spots.

People like that creating raids to just troll all friggin day

Pulling people out of q and throwing them right back in

375 waiting in q prior to the invite 50 now and the host left again.

13 times today.

Hmm, very interesting. I’m familiar with Poke Genie for remote raid hosting, but unable to recognize those screens, and wondering what tool that is… Campfire? Or something else?

It’s just the campfire app

Three days from the end of Yveltal Raids I had a heap of failed Remote Raid start ups on PokeGenie. Host leaving or no invites sent. 5 fails in 7 Raids was enough to pack it in for the day. I only had 1 more Remote to max the daily quota so didn’t care even though I need that XL Candy.
No idea if it was a bot issue as described by @jgcole83 or just users not knowing how to use Pokie Genie Hosting correctly.