Remaining Legendaries / Mythical

When will they arrive?
Who are you waiting for the most?
Are you Ready?


Sure. Why not?

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They’ll arrive when Giovanni arrives.

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I’m waiting to catch my Jirachi.

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Wow, gen 4 as a lot of mythicals, and I thought Darkrai was Legendary lol

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Im only waiting for Regigigas.

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Waiting for Darkrai and Skymin

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Arceus and Darkrai

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I’m predicting that Phione, Manaphy and Skymin will be Special Research, while Darkrai and Arceus will be in Raids somehow.

Now, Regigigas. If he’s not coming out after Rayquaza, I’m going to be confuzzled.

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Arceus and shimen

Kangas prediction.
Darkrai or Arceus will replace Deoxys as the Ex Raid Boss. Most likely Arceus as they can stretch out all the types for a long time.
That leaves Dakria to have it’s own Raid month.
The others I’m not giving any thought and will take them as they come.

I agree. Also for the fact Darkrai is too meta relevant to put in a special and let the players pray they have a good one.

So is Skymin

Never heard of Skymin. You mean Shaymin Sky Forme? As it is in the code now it won’t me meta relevant at all unless you’re such a lucky bastard to get Hidden Power grass.

prediction: we first get another rotation of Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. Then some small rotation for the Regis, followed by Regigigas as final.

And after that next year we get as rewards Regi raiddays with an opportunity to get the shiny.

That does not excite me on bit.

Me neither, but pretty sure the Regi trio will be next years raid days.

Another do the 6 Free ones and call it a day. No Shiny, oh well.

Regigigas will be avaliable on January, 2020, special research. We will need to get the 3 Regis from raids and weekly research, before getting it.
Manaphy and Phione will be available on level 3 and 2 raids, sometime after Halloween.
Jirachi will be available by special research, next month.
Shaymin will be available by Ex-raids. 4 months, since first we get the normal form without shiny, then the sky form without shiny and rotate back with the shiny version.
Darkrai will be a special research, probably for this Halloween.
Arceus will get available through level 5 raids next year. 1 per month. 18 months to get all of them…
The next bi-monthly research will give the 3 regis, plus Dialga and Palkia. The last of the year, it will give the lake trio and Giratina forms.
The regis will be back in January, plus Mewtwo on the weekly research.