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Relevance of IVs?

Now that pokemon are no longer ranked by CP, are IVs still relevant?

As in do higher IV pokemon perform better in battle? Is it worth evolving high IV (90+) pokemon with low-ish CP (like halfway along the arc) vs lower IVs (70-90) and high CP? Is the higher IVs worth the extra stardust investment?

I think that IVs are only relevant in raids now. Doesn’t really matter in gym battles anymore.

Higher IV Pokemon do better in any circumstance compared to lower IV Pokemon. Besides the fact that CP is higher at good IVs, also the Individual Values themselves are better. That’s why higher IV Pokemon are better. A 100% IV Pokemon has all its stats maxed out (Atk, Def, Sta, Sp Atk, Sp Def, etc.). In comparison to a 80% IV Pokemon who has its stats at 80% out of 100%.


I agree. Regardless of IVs your Pokémon will lose in the gym, the numbers are against them, 6 vs 1 you can’t win especially since they can’t avoid damage.

In raids Higher IV Pokémon will have more HP, higher defense and do more damage than a lower IV one at the same level.

Once player vs player battles are released they will become even more important.


Good point about high IVs being more useful in raids. Thanks for all your responses :slight_smile:

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