Reinvigorating the Gym system in Pokémon GO

In general, in my opinion, current gym functionality is very close to perfect.
I would hate it being destroyed – but it can be improved of course.

Limit for pokemon numbers:
Naaah… you can take 6 yours mon – and you supposed to battle 10 opponents?
By definition you would need to do this few times – pointless/time-wasting.
6 v/s 6 is a fair game.
The idea that this would help new players is simply crazy…
Instead of 6 mon from lvl40 trainers we would have 10 of them – and good luck for any newbie to try fight such gym.

Remove decay system:
Most definitely no-no-no. This feature is a single thing which allows newbies to be able to take over a gym.
I (almost) never attack gyms with full health crew.

Increase daily reward:
Sure – we would all like this, right? Money for nothing…

Introduce a Story:
Yes, why not. It is a new concept – most definitely worth exploring.

My suggestions:
Manual recall mon from gym – if you want it to come home without waiting for defeat.
Auto recall mon two hours after its CP reach min – if you want it to stay there – you need to react to ‘needs attention’ message and feed him berries.

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The gym system definitely needs some love. I really only touch a gym to spin the stop. I’ll even delete tasks involving them.

The gym system doesnt really make sense at the moment. You want to have a gym be your teams cause it gives extra items when spinning and rewards at raids, but at the same time you want to get kicked out after 500 minutes so you can get your 50 coins.

So if they would change the way you get rewards, it would be better. 1 way would be like it was: be able to claim it after 21 hours. But not based on the number of gyms you have at that moment, but based on the number of minutes you had control in the last 24 hours when you push the button, with a max ofcourse. I would love to see 100, but realistically lets just keep it at 50.

Another way would be to just pay out at local time 00:00, based on the time spent in a gym that day. Thats a bit of a tricky one though. I made a gym a while back, wich only got discovered by other players after 40 days. I returned after another 28 days to throw them back out and got control over it ever since. That would probably be a too easy way to get coins.

I guess the recall button is a good option aswell. You dont necessarily lose the gym for your team, cause you just pull back your own pokemon. The other (potentially) 5 mons stay in. If you have pokemon stationed in multiple gyms you simply pull back the one wich has the most companions in a gym.

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I would love a few of these changes but can’t see anything changing at all.

  • 50 coins a day max won’t change cause it earns them money
  • Same with being able to pull a Pokémon from a gym, it would mean you are pretty much milking the system for the rewards

Something does need to change though, not sure what but it does.

I had a pokemon sitting in a remote gym for over 100 days… I went close to creating second account in another fraction just to go there and free him off his misery. I understand it is quite typical to have two accounts in different colours…
So giving the ability to pull Pokemon out of gym seems quite reasonable.

I dont need that pokemon back. Its a Gible i got from a trade wich i use as a berry dump for stardust and candy. Works ideal.

I used to… then I realised that feeding random pokemons is waste of candies - now I feed only Meltan/Melmetal + others which I do not have - in last two months I got almost 40 Meltan candies :slight_smile:
Only when I really face throwing them out - then I feed anything what is in the gym.
Fortunately players around here got this and it is not unusual to see gym with both Meltan and Melmetal.

we need more dust rewards and coins damn. no incentive to do gyms at all

A Gym rework must be very well-considered… I am with BestBeast in many points: 10 mons without decay is a 2016 nightmare, especially for lower level players.
I usually don’t touch full gyms at full motivation, because it’s already time-consuming enough… I’d totally give up on fighting gyms if there were 10 mons in there. No thanks…

A way to take control of getting your rewards would be a very welcome change, although I can’t think of a way this can be done without potential for abuse.

The story thing… I don’t know… It sounds nice somehow, but I wouldn’t want it. It’s so tedious just to spin the effing Pokéstop when Team Rocket it there, and spinning a gym needs more taps than a stop already without some figure turning up chatting.
In my opinion, the story can stay in special researches (which I LOVE!).
We already have loads of stuff to do, some players I know are already considering it too much.
Catch Pokémon, spin stops, Raids, PvP, Team Leader Battles, sending and opening gifts, Trading, hatching eggs, battling/defending gyms, battling Rocket grunts and leaders for the new monthly Research leading to Giovanni, field Research,… Did I forget something?

There are other things (Missing) in the game that I’d consider more important. Who wouldn’t want the ‘ready’ button for raids or a way to see your Catch/Spin streak somewhere?

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If we could just earn 50 Coins every 21/24 hours for sitting in a Gym, I’d be totally happy. And maybe +10 Coins and Stardust for every more PokéStop you have in a Gym, too.

Can someone clarify the candy rewards? How do they work for gyms? I never knew this :eyes:

You have a chance at getting candys from the pokemon family you feed berries to. So for example when i feed my gible, i have about a 1/20 chance of getting a gible candy. And for rare pokemon like those, thats not a bad deal when you have berries to spare.

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Thanks, I never knew that!!

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