Regional spawns massively nerfed !?!

Has anyone else noticed the complete lack of regional Pokémon in the game! Usually with an event we still see the regional mon from all generations, however with this event they have ALL gone. This may seem good if you are staying local but anyone travelling over this period is going to have zero chance at finding any of the gen 2 or 3 regional Pokémon. I bring this up as I have a holiday booked in a week with the plan to go and catch Tropius, however I think this may end up being impossible due to the Kanto event.
Has anyone else noticed anything similar?

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Well I catch one Tauros a month.

Same has been happening since gen 2.

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Do you still see zangoose/Seviper solrock/lunatone volbeat/illumise Heracross/corsola Plusle/Minun or any other regional? all the ones for Europe spawn fairly regularly where I play (a number of spawns per day) and we see hundreds of Mr Mime, but as of the start of the Kanto event they are all gone!

The name of the event… Kanto… The Kanto spawns increased, the other spawns come back to normal after the event. But the others are not completely gone, just rare.

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Yes, but with all of the previous events, including both the last Kanto and the Johto event, all of the regionals still spawned as normal. I want to know if anyone else has noticed a complete absence of them? Have you caught a regional Pokémon since the event started?

This is not a normal event. That’s the reason.

Why is it not a normal event?

Plusle & Minun aren’t regional.

It is the Ultra bonus event, the bonus event for completing the tasks of the 3 big events of the summer.

Yesterday I caught a Meditite and Roselia’s, I see some Plusle & Minus occasionally.

I think what he means is the pokemon from other Pokémon regions (Jotho & Hoenn)

You are pretty much only going to get Kanto spawns right now. I have seen a few Tauros spawn here since Thursday afternoon.

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These events I ment:

The Yokosuka event was 1-2 sept.

Read the following articles and I think thing will be more clear for you: (official Pokémon Go app website)

This is good to know, thanks!

The wording for this event just says Kanto mon more frequently, which is how it is worded for every event, and I have spent all day in a duskull nest so I know it’s not exclusively Kanto.
Can anyone report if they see any gen 2 or 3 regional since the event started as I would like to assess how much of a change this is from the norm of regional spawns being unaffected by events, Thanks!

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I’m going for a walk, visit grandma and in the afternoon to a friend, so i’ll make some trips. If I don’t forget, I’ll post a screenshot of the spawn(s) from other regions.

Just to clear some things up. With regionals did you mean Pokémon from other Pokémon regions?



Please post if you see:
Tauros Mr Mime Farfetch’d or Kangaskhan (gen 1).
Solrock, Lunatone, Seviper, Zangoose, Heracross, Corsola, Relicanth, Torcoal, volbeat, Ilumise or Tropius (gen 2&3)
I think that’s all the regionals we have, usually plusle and minun still spawn as they were regionals so also report if you see those!


okj, thanks. But I can conform that the annoying clown is still present, but than again, it’s a gen 1.

Jup. Can also confirm ive ignored already 5 Mr.Mime today.
Gen 2 and Gen 3 pokemon still spawn, but just very few. So it makes sense Gen 2 and 3 regionals spawn even less.