[REGIONAL] Middle East (Oman, UAE, Qatar)

Hey everyone!

Canadoman here, a level 26 Mystic player currently living in Muscat, Oman.

Are there any players that are in either:

  • Muscat, Oman
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Abu Dhabi. UAE, or
  • Doha, Qatar?

I frequently travel to the UAE (not so much Qatar unfortunately) and I actively play in Muscat, so I’m looking for groups to play with.

Let me know!

Thank you/Shukran!

Hey man, just curious - whats the region exclusive that spawns in your area?

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Hey @Smile250,

As we are within the tropic zone, we get Corsola spawns. I found this one down by the beach in Muscat.


Woah! How does Oman look like, got any pics of your city or region?

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Oman is great!

I don’t have many pictures of Muscat (as I like traveling outside of the city + love historical places) but here’s a few of my journeys around Oman.

Image 1: the Al Bustan Beach (Muscat, Oman). Great place for water type and rock type catches. Al Bustan Hotel has multiple gyms and Pokestops
Image 2: Ain Al Thawarah (hot springs in Rustaq, Oman). The hot water is great for relaxing, and there’s little fishes that nibble at your dead skin and clean your feet! Features 1 Pokestop.
Image 3: I think this is Bahla Castle? (Nizwa, Oman). A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Image 4: The reason why they tell you to not play Pokemon Go and drive :stuck_out_tongue:. You don’t see them walking freely in the city, so you gotta head out of the city to see a treat like this!

Since I’m also a frequent UAE player, there so some great pics from Dubai as well.
Image 1: The Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE). The world’s tallest building! (And yes, I’ve caught a Pidgey from the 145th floor!)
Image 2: Pokestop Indicators (Deira, Dubai, UAE). Pokemon Go is so popular that Pokestops are marked on the street!

If you’d like any more pictures or information, please let me know! I’d love to share more with you all :smiley:


I am team instinct …live in muscat…lvl 38…may i know where you usuallly go for pokemon hunt…


I usually play in Qurum Park and A’Sahwa Gardens Park. Occasionally I go down to Muttrah Corniche for water spawns.

Muscat has a raid group with over 70 members if you’re looking for people to do raids with. We raid daily. If you’re interested, I’ll private-message you the link to our WhatsApp chat. Let me know.

hi Canadoman,
Thanks for your replied.
i plan to go qurum park one day, may i know when is the best time to go there?
i wish i can join daily raid for legendary, but unfortunately, i just moved to muscat, haven’t got my driving license yet, without a car in muscat, it is really ‘half handicap’ :slight_smile:

i went to Muttra souk yesterday, there are a few legendary raid spawn, but didn’t see anyone raid over there, maybe timing is not right (it was around 11.30 - 12 noon.


Qurum Park has the most Pokestops and gyms (it’s also where we have our EX raid coming up!). Some of us go to the park everyday; others don’t. It’s really a matter of personal choice. Most people tend to go in the afternoon/evening, when the temperature has gone down a bit.

We also try to do a weekly meet up at Qurum Park on Fridays from 3-6. I can tell you more details about that in the group chat.

I totally understand the struggle of not being able to drive; I don’t drive either, so I rely on other modes of transport; either that or I don’t raid every day (not everyone goes out raiding every day). Most of us are at work/school, so we start looking for raids after 3 PM.

We also look for raids in central locations (we mostly raid in Qurum/Shatti/Al Khuwair areas because that is where most of us live) but occasionally raid outside of that area (Al Mouj, Seeb, Ruwi and Muttrah). The player base is very small here; it’s not like the US where you can just show up to any raid and there will be people there. This is why we organize raids through our group chat.

I will private-message you the link the group chat. Joining the chat will be the best way to find out about our meetups, raids, etc.

Welcome to Muscat; I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Hi Tariq,

I’m going to private-message a link to our WhatsApp group chat. We raid daily and do weekly meetups in Qurum Park.

Speaking of Qurum Park, this weekend we are meeting on Friday (for our weekly EX trigger raids) and then again on Saturday from 1:30 to 5 PM for Community Day. More details are posted in the WhatsApp group.

I look forward to meeting you!

hello i am from muscat also i just started playing PoGo would like to meet up with local players as well. if you are still active let me know plz.

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I just sent you the link to our WhatsApp chat via private message.

Hope to see you soon!

  • Mitch (Canadoman)
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@Canadoman it’s been a while since I’ve seen you here :slight_smile:

Haha @Mapman42 I don’t really come on here anymore; I’m more active in the Discord group! :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily I get email notifications for this thread so I can keep up with the Middle Eastern groups.


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