Regional - Lunatone in Tokyo?

Does Lunatone ever spawn in Tokyo? If so, where would good places be to hunt? I’ll be here until Monday, but haven’t see any on my radar. I was able to catch 5 or 6 Farfetch’d.

Yes, it does
I guess that it should have a higher chance to spawn during the night, but a daytime spawn is possible too
Just keep in mind that if you ever happen to have partialy-cloudy/windy during the night, you should go on a smaller walk

I just caught two! :slight_smile:

I’m on east coast of U.S. Never seen Lunatone in the wild and only encountered it once in a gym. Not sure where it spawns.

I live in the north of England and got my first ever one yesterday at 8am in foggy weather. Good luck finding one in Tokyo and enjoy your time there,I’d love to visit Japan one day.

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