Regional - Has Pokemon GO taken over your life?

“Oh water festival…Oh water festival… You gave me miloctic and blastoise”

That is the one prayer I say every night. Yes, Pokemon GO has taken over my life.

2/3 of the time on my phone I play Pokemon go, 1/3 Go HUB
3/3 of the time on computer I’m on go hub

And I am not religious. Pokemon GO is my religion

  • Taken over my life
  • Has not taken over my life

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sortoff. Both the game and managing stuff for the community besides the game takes up quite alot of time. But its not like it takes up something important. Just means i game less on my PC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, I play mostly when I’m bored, then me and my gf go for a evening stroll…It’s fun, because she keeps saying “oh, that’s that cute one, right?”. We’re also lucky enough to live right in front of a pokestop, so I keep checking things whenever I’m home doing nothing too, and I’m not an avid community member…play mostly on my own and participate in open 20 people lobby raid groups.
I wouldn’t say it has taken over my life, but my gf sometimes say "hey, what are you doing? playing pokemon?"
Well, yeah, I think about retire sometimes, but those damn legendaries keep bringing me back!

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My wife would say it has.


Mine would say the same.

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Yes. I thought I wouldn’t spend as much time once I hit level 40… but I still play as much. I spend less time on the computer, watching tv and Facebook. It’s a trade off.


Oh yes, it has… We had planned to go on a 4-day city trip to Heidelberg this autumn, but when the Safari Zone annoucement was made, we agreed on going there instead of Heidelberg (we limit ourselves to one fun/vacation trip with hotel and all that stuff per year) - and it was a great decision :smile:
We plan our weekends around Community Days and other events (Zapdos day :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:) and we’d rather spend our money on the latest Ultra Box than on booze…

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No pokemon go has not. But it has changed my look by figure in life. Lost alot of weight. From 320 lbs to 246 lbs in a month. Walk everyday. Its my movitational tool to help me walk. Kinda like if you dont want to walk alone or dont have a phone to walk or no music to walk. Some of us like a tool to walk than just plain walking.

Like a determination to go to a place you havent gone too. Its like 2 mile walk. If its food you will walk. If its gamestop for new rpg you will walk indeffinently for it. Now a days we walk for a motivation than just health walks with nothing. If your a health nut then you do it for nothing but a goal it. For pokemon go you meet new people, walk to distances you thought you couldnt do, lose weight without noticing at times, build musle in legs an thighs. More to it by a motivation. Plain walking can be a bore an mostly likely wont walk.


Well good luck on Zapdos day! :grin:What is your plans?

Whoa, @everyone. Look at the poll results!

In fact…nothing special. But we delayed the weekly coffee with my parents in order to use the full 3 hours. We’ll meet our raid group on one side of town and work our way through to the other - just like on Articuno day .

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You got a shiny, right?

I have honestly been trying to cut back on the playing a little bit because i was addicted, atm i’m ‘only’ playing around an hour a day but naturally for community days i play the full thing. It got to the point where i was playing so often it became more of a nuisance to play than enjoying to play.

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Cool, just play long enough to send me a gift!:grin::joy:

So what did you catch in Dortmund?

We got a good number of Unowns, Corsola and Shinies (Roselia,Magikarp, Swablu), my fiancé even got 2 shiny Aerodactyls of which he will trade me one, once we are Best Friends in-game.
There were also quite some Ralts, Slakoth and Larvitar (but no additional shiny for me…).
And last but not least I sent quite some Safari Zone gifts to the people on my friend list.
It was a nice trip that we don’t regret.

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I was there too😁

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Wow! How was It?

Awesome!I caught a Shiny Magikarp,a Shiny Pikachu,A Shiny Larvitar and 8 Shiny Roselia!

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