[Regional] Great Britain player chat

Topic chat for only people from Mainland Uk not NI to chat about all sorts from just general things to idea so and best places to hunt in the Uk., or just to chat in

Great britain is what you call UK excluding NI

Isn’t this a bit exclusive


Personally for anyone looking to play in England there are many great spots to do it. Personally i find the largest concentration of raiders in/around Picadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square, which are about a mile apart. There is a good abundance of Pokestops in the central area, so it’s always worth walking around. Seeing all the old cultural buildings and history while raiding with friends is incredibly fun. As you leave the central London area there are many smaller towns that have a lot of stops due to their historical sites and other attractions. These include Ipswich, Chester, Cambridge, Henley-on-thames, Stratford-upon-Avon, Borehamwood and many others.

Btw Stratford is not very good for raids but if you want to stock up on new stops go there. I live near there, if you are looking for raids in that area personally Banbury is the best if you either turn up st the start or join the discord through the Facebook page then there are hundreds of people doing raids in Banbury and surrounding towns, Birmingham is good also and Oxford

Any other players places from trainers who live in the uk that are good spots. Liverpool is good down by the Mersey I stayed there 2 days and got my Pokédex gyrados and dragonites both from about 10 candy each before I went. Any others English trainers

ANy Uk trainers in outs Warwickshire north Oxfordshire be friend when trading is released

I am planning to go to the uk sometime. Ill post here when i do. Greetings from the other side of the North Sea by the way (NL)

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Around monday 6th until friday 10th of april i Will go to Oxford or London with school


Hello :wave:

Hi :v:

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With your phone???

Of course!

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Lucky you, my class is going to Yosemite.


Search it.

It is a National Park in Northern California.

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@Brobraam on our school trips, no phones.

And of course we go to EPIC places.

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Really?! On our trips we can use our phones sat next to a teacher!

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So you cqn only use your phone if you sit next to a teacher?

And yes, we are not allowed to take our phones so I will be gone for a week next month.