Regice: Can it be good in the Tempest Cup?

Ahh, the Regi’s, the piece’s of garbage made out of rock, steel, and ice, but lets focus on the Ice trash. Regice is a Ice type Pokemon with a max CP of 3122, and an ATK of 179, DEF on 309, a STA of 190, you would think it is a piece of garbage, but it might do stuff in the Tempest Cup, since now your are able to get a Regice through Research Breakthrough’s, which means they are LVL 15, but Regice has the moves to counter ALL of the types used in the Tempest Cup (Rock Smash and Focus Blast for Ice, Frost Breath and Blizzard for Ground and Flying, Earthquake for Electric). Which means not only does it have a VERY high DEF, a decent ATK, and a decent STA, it can be very good, if you get it with your weekly rewards for Research before your Tournament. but the only problem it is legendary, so unlocking another move will be very expensive. The moves I would recommend are Rock Smash, Blizzard, and Earthquake. But the confusion is with the fast moves, Frost Breath and Rock Smash, while RS has a higher energy gain, FB has higher DPS but lower energy gain, FB would win, but I would rather RS due to higher energy gain. Share your thoughts down below!

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I dont think it is allowed, it would be far too good
No proper counters and sky-high TDO would mean too much, especially with no possible fighting types in the meta

There’s no verbage to prevent Legendaries or high TDO Pokemon in the league. The only stipulation is that it has to be CP 1500 or less.

That being said, you’re probably right that it might be too good, but since this isn’t Smogon, I think it will be fine.

Then all their attempts to create a balanced metagame was in vain because this thing destroys everything

I wonder if I can get 100k dust in a month, but regice candy is gonna be hard as holy f***, since j cant raid as much, but spring break is gonna help a lot with it

It takes up spot 24 in the top 24 toughest pokemon to beat overall in the Tempest cup.
And its not even in the top 24 list of counters to those top 24 pokemon.

Alot of people here really oversell the Regi’s… I want them to be good aswell, but they really REALLY arent. At all.

So you are telling me that there are Temptest Cup Pokemon that can actually beat it 1v1?
Sorry that I cant get much out of it, I hate the Pokebattler interface, is there a 1v1 calculator?

As it turns out there is.
Im ignoring the warning that Regice cant be used. Couldnt find anything about that youre not allowed to use legendarys. I think its still an old warning from before the recent Reasearch Breaktrough changes.

Frost Breath / Focus Blast alone doesnt have any 100% counter, best are Lanturn and Moltres which lose aditional % against Earthquake (since every Pokémon should carry two moves)
So Regice does, by definition, have no counter

If Im correct then your team had to be reported before 1.3., so you couldnt get a Regice by then and thats why it cant be used

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I had my team reported on Feb 10th, but didnt participate due to other reasons.

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