Referral Codes: Invite New Friends to Pokémon GO (official thread) (NO FRIENDCODES!)

In this topic you can share your in-game Referral Code so players new to the game can easily find these codes and add you to the game.

Referring players to play the game will have benefits for both the Referrer and the Acceptor.

In order to receive those benefits, the player must be a new player or mustn’t have played the game once in the last 3 months. The Acceptor must complete tasks before the benefits will be activated. The benefits can be Pokémon Encounters and helpful Items.

Keep in mind that this is the official thread for those Invite Codes. Leaving your Referral Code anywhere else will result in it being moved to this thread.

Drop your codes here👇


Oh, and feel free to add me, too… :wink:


Hi, I am an active player from France. My code is HBBGT6KQK. Good game to all!

Hello, my code is 7X4YQWQG3.

Hello, let’s see if we both win something with this…


Hi! Greetings from Norway :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake:

Im an active player who would be very happy if you were to use my referal code if you want to return to the game or are just thinking of creating an account.

My code: PF9K9CXWM

Is there a cap on the amount of people you can refer? If not I’ll just leave my code here as well.

Active player
My code: XPG2F8X4C

There’s a button at the right for create a new code.

I imagine it works only once, and you have to create a newone for the next.

I know, but the thing is, if we can only refer one person I am going to make sure I will get all the (good) rewards.

Referral code:

My referal code is X7PK4GPQB

Here’s a code: B2DF27G3C

Feel free to use either of these codes

Referral code T3FGPK2Q9

Has this worked for anyone here? @everyone

Yes, it works, and I have two which have accepted the same code.
But none of them is from this site, I know them personally.

My code 2H9MWQP2B

Hi, here’s my code: PJJ74D8GY