Red line through Pokémon

Hello, I have recently just open up my app and noticed I have red line through some Pokémon, what’s this caused by? I looked on google and it says about using a third party cheat system to obtains them, but I haven’t used any, hope you can help.

This actually happened to me a few months back on a shiny gyarados. If the games location shifts large distances while you are catching/hatching something it registers as being obtained through botting. What I would do is transfer whatever Pokemon it is before you get banned permanently.

It’s not happened to one it’s happen to 40 of them, I’ve emailed Pokémon and twitter but they haven’t replied

In that case, have you used any IV checkers that go inside the app? Also, have you purchased any catching services from a website? If not, it’s a really unfortunate glitch that no one at Niantic will resolve (atm).

I got the app 2 weeks ago and have been playing at work, never used any cheats. Hopefully they sort this glitch out

The strike through has all the tell tale signs of Pokemon obtained by teleport spoofing where the clicked on location doesn’t match the capture location or the location moves grate distances on the same day.

You say you only got the app 2 weeks ago. So you only started playing 2 weeks from scratch or did you buy one of those accountsts online that has already been played to somewhere between level 25 to level 30?

From scratch as I’m only level 20, also helps that I have a pokestop next to my house which I sit on when I’m at home

The only time those slashes can occur is through a very annoying (and uncommon) glitch or through botting.

Do you have any 3rd party apps installed like an IV checker that you’ve given direct access to the game App?
I know a number of people were shadow banned that were using IV Go in automatic mode.

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No, I have only used PokeGenie and that doesn’t access the app at all.

I haven used any hacks or bots

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