Really don't think I like this game anymore

Aside from the fact that 95% of these things can’t be used for anything (and they keep adding more), the raid system is useless for someone who doesn’t have a group of friends who play this game. Simultaneously, it is of massive benefit for those who do.

So let’s see: this game was built for people who walk a lot and people who have a lot of friends who walk a lot. I am neither, which means I really don’t have a place here.

On top of that, the only gym that I have frequent access to is guarded by a level 40 player – literally day and night. I once spent several month’s worth of potions destroying his (one) Blissey, which he just casually puts back up there. He has a system. You beat him twice and then he goes to full health. For a while, he would do that three times (bypassing the restrictions by obviously having three separate accounts). Now, he has a fourth account, which allows him to keep the Blissey up 100% of the time. He sits on multiple gyms across the city, not unlike almost all level 40 players.

So no gyms for me, which means no gold and now, potions essentially don’t come from regular Pokestops anymore. I’m done. There’s just too much benefit from cheating the system and I’m not going to make this game my life. It’s not fun to play.

I have zero legendaries. I have never been close to a gym with a legendary that had people on it, yet they’re everywhere. They aren’t really even that good anyways, which defeats their point.

I will never have the amount of dust I need to level even a dozen of these things to my level and hey, I just found a bug where every potion/revive you use after losing to a raid boss within the raid menu vanishes without effect if the raid expires. I thought “Hey, I’ll just revive them here instead of the standard menu.” That’s a couple of days worth of items gone.

Yes, I understand that it doesn’t matter to you guys whether or not I play it. I just honestly don’t know how I lasted this long.


Was on the fense on whether nor not to close this thread but I don’t think this forum needs to be a venue where people come to post their gripes then do a mike drop stating “I’m out”. There are plenty of existing threads we can discuss out complaints.