Read this: check your hype for gym rework and raids

I just read this update from Kotaku - please see source here:

we have 2 major problems - please keep your hype in CHECK!

"Update 6/19/17 12:30 PM: Niantic says it’ll only launch for select players today and roll out to everyone else in the coming weeks)" WEEKS I REPEAT WEEKS!!!

“Raids, meanwhile, should be arriving in “the weeks ahead,” first to select players as a beta”

Ladies and gents, don’t get too excited you might end up waiting another 2 months

Hahaha Kotaku, come on. The announcement clearly states that the raid battles will be rolled out over the next several weeks, whereas the gym update will come to players within days.

Quote from NianticGeorge: “I cannot share an exact timeline for you yet. Two things to keep in mind, except it to take days (not hours) and expect the rollout to be gradual.” (

It definitely won’t take weeks for the gym update to hit everyone - if anything, it should be a few hours at most from some parts of the world to others whenever the update hits both Android and iOS.


Plus, even if it does take a week for gyms to reach everyone and a month or two for raids to get going, it’s a probably very cool, definitely huge update that changes a big part of gameplay. I think some amount of hype is legitimate and can be maintained for a while, if necessary. :wink: