Rarity for Gen 3 Pokémon

Bagon would be a pretty rare(might be much more rare than dratini)as it evolves into shelgon furthermore to salamance.
Beldum will be about the same rarity as of course it evolves into metang and than into metagross.
Slacoth might be very rare because it’s full evolution is slaking(5000 over cp)
Aron will be rare as it is the TOP 10 most strongest Gen 3 Pokemon

If you have any more ideas feel free to comment down


The gen 3 starters will probably be pretty rare. I love the Treeko family, though.

ralts will be the same rarity as abra, with the same mechanics- if you don’t catch it on your first try ralts will use teleport and run away.


I’m super confused about Shedinja family. Not even sure if they’ll be available in the game at Gen 3 launch, so complicated with the current setup.

“When Nincada evolves to Ninjask, it actually sheds, giving life to Shedinja!”


Common = wurmple, tallow, nincada (should be), poochyena, zigzagoon, wingull and maybe lotad

Uncommon = electrike, meditite, surskit, lotad if not Common, ralts, shroomish, seedot, luvdisc, spheal, wailmer and barboach

Rare = luvdisc (maybe), shuppet, kecleon, swablu, tropius, chimecho, starters, maybe aron and the starters

Ultra-rare = aron, beldum, bagon, absol

Obviously haven’t included the whole GEN there but some cool ones.