Rare, Odd, or Exiting Catches/Nearby Lists

Please, I want to see the good and rare catches you guys have! I know I’ve had a few, but yeah…

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I don’t have screenshots of the nearby lists. But in my area we normally have 3 or 4 dragonites a day. The part that sucks is they usually suck for 30s. Like the one I caught a half hour ago.

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Pinap for 20 Candy, what’s not to like.

Because I’ve caught 19 dragonite wild and only 2 have been worth keeping. Lol we get dragonite spawns more than dratini

Don’t say that, I only have 1 Dragonite all together…feels Bad.

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The one spawn i wish we had in my area is girafarig… I need it and it doesn’t spawn here. We get unown spawns more than girafarig.

Hello! How are you? Could you tell me where your area is … and that other Pokémon are cumunes besides Dragonite (biome). Greetings dragon tamer.

Where do you live?!?

Southern Missouri. Dragonite spawns slowed way down once bagon came out. We get bagon spawns where dragonite used to be

I dont have any dragon spawns, except a dratini i caught 1 year ago and a dragonite that randomly appeared

You’re so lucky… To me only one Gyarados spawned next to me and I failed it. No more Lucky spawns here, except Nidokings and Blastoises

I wish beldum spawned more in my area. I get 2 or 3 a day close to my house but not much. And usually when I’m at work.

And I get one Beldum per month

I remember that one time i saw Golbat on Cross pokestop in cementery, wasn’t that weird?

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