Rare Gen 3 Pokémon

I still doesn’t have a Salamence and some other mons from Gen 3. I wanted to know if Pokémons like Ralts, Bagon and Beldum spawn in nexr or at random. Thanks for reading, you rock.

I don’t know about the spawning but my boyfriend’s just got a Salamence tonight just by using candy from getting baggons from 10k eggs

There are, so far I know, no nests for Bagon, Trapinch, Lotad, Beldum and maybe Ralts. And yes, they are really uncommon.

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I evolved Ralts to Gardevoir. I’m close for Trapnich. Not really close for Lotad. I give Beldum all my rare candy.

I think it just depends on where you live, we had a trapinch best here in Sacramento for a while

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