Rare candy help?

Who should I use my rare candy on ?

Metang, metagross is a beast and I think you Dont have metagross yet

Will it evolve if i use the candy on Metang ?


If you use a rare candy on a Pokémon,you will get 1 Candy from it.You can use it on every Pokémon.

Can you send me a screenshot of when you clicked on the Metang?

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Yes the Metang. I’m doing the same atm.

Will i lose the pokemon if i use the rare candy on it, like a transfer ?


Basically all that will happen is you will get one beldum candy

No, but the candy disappears and turns into a candy for that specific pokemon.

If anything, I’d suggest you to wait until you either get Mew, or a Legendary pokemon (a Zapdos or Moltres with a high IV for example, or something you catch after participating in a Legendary raid), or are very close to actually evolving a pokemon for which it’s hard to get candy (Metang or Pupitar for example, or even better: Chansey).


Thanks, i will hold onto it then.

you have a metang i only have 1 beldum wild. I have am 14 candy of maxed out sakmence. double hatched bagon during double cnady + 2 wild ones

I caught 4 Beldum and one Metang and hatched 2 Beldum.

For the last time, dont power up Pokemon until you get at least level 25
Rare candies are best either saved entirely for legendaries or only used on incredibly rare Mons


Can you send me the messages you get when you press the button ‚Äúappraise‚ÄĚ

Make metang your Buddy so u can get the evolve quick