Rare candies (not getting any)

is there anybody out there know why I am not getting rare candies from winning raid battles or is anyone else having this problem?
thanks in advance

Imagine, I have made 2 level-1 raids, only for to see how they are, and I have 2 of these candies without knowing when I will use them. You have to know, I don’t like raids…

I believe it strongly depends on the amount of premier balls you get. The more the better the chance you get rare candies/golden razz.

But if I have made only 2 raids, and single ones, I have not much of them. SO, two raids, two candies…???

If you solo a raid you get at least 12 balls if not 14 when your team controls the gym. So a lot of balls. The item packages you get depend on the amount of balls you get.

If you do raids in large groups and you are the only one of your team in the group you often only get 6,7 balls.

Ok, understand, I don’t have much experience in raids, as you can see… :smiley_cat:

What you get is totally random although the higher the Raid Level the more likely you are to get Rare Candy and possibly multiple Rares.
L1-3 give bugger all of the good/useful items now. It’s sad they’ve taken the incentive away to do smaller Level Raids by loading you up with useless Revives and potions mainly.
If you want a better chance of the good stuff you have to go for the the L4-5.

Well, i today raided Bayleef and i received one, while some time ago i raided Suicune and i got good amount of them. Rare candy drops depend purely from level of raid, if it’s one star raid, you can get max. 2 or 1, while on higher ones you can get 5-6.

I nearly fell over this afternoon when a got 6 Rares from a throw away Machamp.


Look no farther than the Silph Roads Rewards List to know what rewards are possible from various raids. It will answer all you questions.