Raise the catch rate and widen the target circle

Adding insult to injury. That’s the Niantic way. You know what doesn’t make sense? Making the target circle small on pokémon that already have low base catch rates.

Murkrow, roselia and the starters are amongst some of the most difficult pokémon in Pokémon Go. You might as well be trying to catch a legendary!!! Mewtwo doesn’t even put up that much of a fight. I mean I literally see a wild pikachu, view that big old ugly CP of 200 and just shake my head because I know what’s about to go down. This little stinker is going to run. And he does just that.

Why? Why make them both hard to catch AND give them a little target circle to work with? Am I supposed to hit excellent throws on a CP 189 weedle? Burn through my berries and great balls just to catch another worthless treeko? To hell with party hat pikachu. I’m so over this event.


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Use berries (normal or golden razz) and great or ultra balls… Shouldnt be that much of a problem.

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You missed my point.

The crap I mentioned deserve nothing but red balls. Do you really think murkrow and rattata deserve ultra balls and golden berries?

There is about 10 pokemon (non legendary) that are in the meta, and thus should deserve ultra balls. Thats not even 1%. I dont think the game could function that way.

Welll rattata isnt that hard but yah starters, pikachus, murkrow, sneasle, nosepass, roselia, are hard to catch

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That’s really a lot of rage, isn’t it?

Jfc, you want them to give out free EX raid passes and have every Pokémon spawn in your house at once? It’s called challenge, Niantic isn’t going to spoon feed you everything -_-

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This is true but what I am saying is this. It should not be difficult to catch a pikachu or murkrow to the point that it needs a golden razz and still have they circle yellow lol

The rat is easy easy. Berry, red or great ball and you’re done. Sneasel and nosepass I can understand because they’re rare. You don’t come across them everyday. Only time I’ve ever seen sneasel was at a nest and nosepass popped up once for me at a park and even it wasn’t a bad catch. Starters and BS like murkrow and roselia pop up everyday. It shouldn’t be this difficult for common crap.

What do you mean?

No one asked you for your opinion. Where’s the block option so that I may be rid of you.

Having small catch circles makes you practice to get better, and ultimately helps you in the long run. You will be able to hit throws on meta useful Pokémon and legendaries and will have a better chance of them when you encounter them.

No one asked for your opinion either, so stop being rude and understand they cant make the game too easy

You did as soon as you posted your rant on a public forum. No need to be like this…

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You forgot to include in your rant how common pokemon like Murkrow and Ratticate also have lower avarage IVs, and how event Pikachu also always gets a terrible IV. Yes, there does seem to be some obvious link between rarity of a spawn (not considering Shiny, since that’s a seperate mechanic) and its IV.

There is no link, every Pokemon has the same chance

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