Raikou Counters

So what will be the absolute best counter for Raikou? And will a duo be possible?

Can Mamoswine outperform Groudon or Rhyperior?

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I can’t tell you, but this might help:


Thanks. How is Garchomp 2nd best? People said it outperforms Groudon. Now im confused af.

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In TDO it might, 3* resistance

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This might help. It is a raid counter guide

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He could if he got a better moveset. Overall, Groudon is better.

Groudon has the DPS while Garchomp has the TDO, but honestly, they’re neck-and-neck with their current movesets. If Garchomp learns Earth Power from a Community Day, Garchomp will be the king hands down.

Here are my counters, (IVs are in S/A/D order, all are level 40):


Groudon: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Swampert: 98% IV (15/15/14)
Donphan: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Nidoking: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Nidoqueen: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Flygon: 100% IV (15/15/15)

I sadly don’t have a good enough Garchomp to use, but I have at least two Earth Power users here, so there’s that.


never even heard of Earth Power, thanks for the info.

Guess I’ll just Use my only Groudon and I’ll use TMs to change my maxed out hundo Mamoswines.

Earth Power is an amazing Ground-type move, far better than Earthquake. Problem is that very few relevant Pokemon learn it. The best user right now is Nidoking.

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Yeah, thankfully Chomp learns it and is therefore a great candidate for CD

Earth Power is my guess is the move Garchomp will learn in its CD. I hope to get a terrific Gible before then.


Your not the only one hoping for a worthy Gible.
Caught 4 so far all rubbish IV.
Hoepefully they fix the PTC parental control issue soon so I’ve got a chance to Trade my way for a worthy one. I don’t like my luck waiting for a great IV in the wild.

Have you seen the change in the treatment of child accounts? It’s still not what you need, but it shows they changing in the right direction.

You talking PTC or Niantic Kids accts?

Exactly, they have changed the Kids Accounts in a first step, and hopefully the PTC will be the next.

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We finally have a date and time for Raikou Raid Day: June 29th at 4 PM your local time.

Sadly, that means we won’t be able to take advantage of the Raid Candy and Catch Candy boosts we got from GO Fest, but I’m guessing this was all they could do to make up for Community Day in Europe on top of a missed day at GO Fest due to inclement weather.

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Im not sure why they couldnt do Raikou this weekend because of their other failures. I didnt see an announcement of slakoth rerun this weekend.

Either way… i cant attend. If it had been from 11-2 i could have probably joined for 2 hours but now probably nothing at all.
Kinda sad about it. Really wanted an extra good 1 and obviously a shiny.

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They did say that there’s going to be a make up weekend for the GO Fest incident, and that was because of inclement weather so it was hardly their fault. Chicago officials forced GO Fest to shut down for most of the day, so Niantic said they would do a makeup weekend. That’s the most likely reason why it was put off a week, since it was going to fill the 10 am to 7 pm window in Chicago local time.

Did they announce when yet?