Raids - What's ahead

The raids have gotten pretty stale by now. Have we gotten any leaks about what’s coming for May or even June?

My theory is that it will be Groudon provided the Earth Day cleanups were successful enough (7,000 Trainers have to participate in any combination of the events), since the timing will be about right once Giratina Origin-Forme despawns before the end of the month. The real question is if Groudon will be around for 1 week or 2.

After that, it should be Regigigas for a month, then likely a returning Legendary of any kind (if they bring back the Water Festival at that time, it may be Palkia as a Shiny).

That would set up a summer of the Lake Trio (Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf), dotted by possible Legendary Beast returns as rewards for Global Challenges during the appropriate GO Fest weeks.


Hope you’re right :eyes:. That sounds like a great layout. Unfortunately Niantic probably won’t get it right and they will decide to bring back Lugia again or something :joy:


I did say that there’s a big chance of a returning Legendary after all. XD


I’ll try not to worry about it. G’nite and God Bless.

Maybe we could FINALLY get the beasts back with their shiny formes? They are some of the easiest excellents we’ve had so far

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Not done with Giratina-o.
And im not really looking forward to 3 months of lake trio during the summer. They arent as bad as the regis, but not great. And considering the other pokemon in that type class, they might as well be…

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Oh true, forgot we still have 2 trashMon and Azelf to look forward to, I already see myself scoring high IVs on the first two and 91% at best on Azelf


Isn’t that how it always works? All the legendaries that I truly like have trash IVs … yet I got a 97.8% Regice. lol


Due to the large ammount of raids I usually do (not too many, but around 30) and trading them almost every day, I usually get at least one passable Mon
But of course, Ive got a boosted 93% Regirock and 96% Registeel in the 6 or so Regi raids Ive done :smiley:

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I’m guessing we’re going to have them in their special days as a result from Global Challenges that were promised for each GO Fest week.

Then again, we dont really have many possibilities for special moves

They did give them a fourth Charge Move already, so I’m guessing they just won’t give them a move like they originally did with Articuno.

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I am looking forward to only one Deoxys Form: Speed, with its worst stat being stamina (137 is base for Deoxys) it can be decent with Zen Headbutt and Psycho Boost for Psychic and Charge Beam and Thunderbolt for Electric, plus it looks sweet. Also, two words: Mewtwo returns. And Another Two words: Tyranitar Raid week with Smack Down and Rock Slide as a guaranteed moveset.

I’m expecting that we will be switching to Speed Forme in June-July for Deoxys, since we’ve had three months of the previous forms so far.