Raids - Tm from level 1/2 raids

Hi everybody,i play since day one and i’m mostly a solo player,so i can only solo level 2 raids at my potential…
And i’m wondering if i can receive as reward TMs from raids of this level,is it possible since at the 7th raid i just get golden berries and rare candies?
Thanks in advance for the answers :slight_smile:

It is possible. On my alt I only play against level 1 and 2 raid bosses. I got 1 TM after 6 fights.

On my main I still got none. After 11 raids. One was level 4. The rest level 1 and 2.


Thank a lot for your answer :smiley: i can keep believing in my (little) luck!

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@PokemonfromITA, On a difficulty level five, ( didn’t see the colour egg) on the Ali A video I posted - (Pokémon Go Vloggers on YouTube), at around 20 minutes 42 seconds, he gets a TM and said it’s very very rare to get one.

Done just several 1-2 lvl raids solo, already got 1 charged TM and 1 TM of another type. So it’s definitely possible and highly probable :slight_smile: I think :smiley:

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Just got my first TM from a raid today, against an Electabuzz, charged move. I’ve only done 8 raids so far, all level 1 or 2 raids.

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The % rates of drops changes with the lvl you are battling, lvl 4 raids give you the best chance of getting tm items.

I just found this:

Raid Tier	0 TM	1 TM	2+ TM
1	89%	9%	~1%
2	86%	13%	~1%
3	60%	30%	10%
4	36%	35%	29%


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@Cirithungolem thanks for sharing! I had been wondering about that.

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Today i got my first TM :smiley: a fast one,finally i can roll my 100% machamp…i evolved it in february and got totally disappointed…it came out with steel for both moves T_T Now it will turn useful :sunglasses:

Thanks again,if it can help i did 1 raid each day since 2days after the introduction of raids, i guess it was 25 june,so i needed 11 raids to find one u.u better than nothing!:wink:

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I got my first TM’s yesterday on my main. Still not sure how to use them.
Today I tried to beat a Blastoise but as usual noone else showed up so no chance. :frowning:
Another wasted raidpass…

Dont go to the raid lobby unless you see ‘raid is about to start’ notice

What do you exactly mean by that. Is there a way you can see if others started the raid?

No way to see without joining the raid, however you can leave and go back in to check again without using a second raid pass. Once you use a pass you can join and leave till you beat it or its over.

Yes, you can even logout. Login to another trainer. Logout again en join in again without using a second raid pass.

And if you got the raid pass yesterday, you get a new one today. That’s nice. The system checks if you have received a pass today. If not, you get a new one.

Are you sure? Whenever I join a raid after the notification there are players in and the countdown has started

I’ve won six raids so far, two level four, one level two and three level one

I got one TM from a snorlax raid

Yes am sure. I was scared the same way till I got tossed out by an error. Then I tried it myself and you can leave then come back.

15 raids 3 FTM and 2 CTM all from lvl 3 and 4 raids…nothing from the lower levels yet.