Raids need fixed

It not fair for use to waste raid passes before joining lobby, and hope some other people show up. You need to fix so we can join lobby, and once you got a group togeather have a ready up system. then the timer runs out then giving the option to use raid pass. This is rigged and broken for us to waste money otherwise.

Don’t join a raid until you see other people who are staring intently at their mobile phone in your direct vicinity?
Joining a raid without loosing a raidpass would only make it even easier for spoofers to just enter some raid, and leave again in case no other spoofers join them without it even costing them a raidpass.

By the way, is not able to “fix” this anyway. This website is not affiliated with Niantic in any way. Some Niantic developers (or more probably: community management personel) may occasionally visit this place to see how people respond to the current game and maybe check whether someone actually makes a good point regarding development of their product, but this is by no means a place to actually get in contact with them.


There’s nothing wrong with the system.
It’s not an issue for people who are physically at the Gym.


No, it isn’t because wait until people come to use your raid pass


Thats why you communicate with others
And this wouldnt be fixed by using the raid pass once everybody is in either

You could use discord or Facebook for communicating


Not everyone lives in big citys like chicago to were discord would be useful to find raids. And nitact does look at these forums to improve on there game. And finding a group big enough to take on legendarys in a small town is about imposible. Some times you can find a group if your lucky but its very rare.

You don’t need a huge city like Chicago for discord to be helpful, we use it on my college campus to help organize raids, although to be fair we greatly prefer GroupMe, but when I’m home playing rural, I have found that Facebook is the way to go for coordinating over a larger area.

Discord or Facebook messenger are great tools for communication with other players and coordination of raids.
It let’s people know what raids are happening, schedule a time, do polls to gauge interest and let others know if someone is running late. Try it before you knock it.

In my town we have a WhatsApp group. There’s about 30 people of all teams in the group, and in the late afternoon, early evening and during weekends, we occasionally manage to get sufficient people together to raid. Overall, I manage to attend three or four T5 raids a week. Sometimes there’s as many as 20 people attending a raid (especially right after a new Legendary got released), usually there’s just 5 or 6 of us.

Most raidbosses are left alone though. But still, when one appears around a time that people are usually available, the appearance of its egg gets announced in the group, giving people a good hour to say whether they want to do it, and assemble a group. The whole group waits together at the location and only enters at the agreed time (if enough people are present) or when the group is complete at the location before the agreed time (rarely happens, most arrive in the last 2 minutes before the agreed time). So until enough people are on site, nobody uses a raidpass! People arriving notoriously late may get kicked from the group eventually, it gets really annoying to have to wait “five more minutes” every time, especially when the raid-timer is running out as well. We have noticed a lot more problems with disconnects (like, people not even getting the option to catch the boss after taking it down) and such when we enter a raid during the last seconds, and people won’t be able to reconnect to an ongoing raid when the timer on the gym has expired.

If not enough people say they will attend, then it simply won’t happen. If people want to attend but don’t say they want to attend, then they risk the raid not happening at all, so it’s in their best interest to tell they want to attend. If people randomly go towards a raid, without checking the app, then they’re not guaranteed that others will show up. If they go as far as using a raidpass without knowing whether others will show up, then that’s their loss.

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I have a whatsapp group, but the last time anyone posted in it was october last year…

We have the same tactic in my city. 2 big whatsapp groups with a total of over 350 people.
We also have the same basic rule; we wait with the raid untill the agreed time (for stragglers / non signers) and we wait for people who signed up even if the’re late.
During weekdays doing level 4/5 is hard but early evening when people are free from work/school getting a group is easy.
Attendance lowers during a month of same legendary bosses but coming this weekend i again expect huge groups with the next legendary, only to slowly dip down the next weeks.

We use discord, and we end up with new members every week. This weekend I managed over 15 tier 5 raids.

A lot of the success of a group depends on the leadership playersare willing to offer.