Raiding pace without legendaries

Do you think the raiding pace will continue as is or slow down?

Personally I would anticipate raiding participation to slow down dramatically once legendaries leave us in a few days.

Will those simply be replaced by non-legendaries, or will raid spawns also slow down?

A worthwhile change I would like to see is increasing the daily raid free pass to have a max stack of 7. Still only able to collect 1 a day, but if you hit the gym every day, you still have a decent number for raiding. Forcing myself to go do some raid, ANY raid is almost as wasteful as not using it at all.

I’ve been noticing slower raid spawns and most being legendaries. I know I should be grateful that there are lots of legendaries but I just want them to go because there is simply no people in my town. I really want them to increase raid spawns once legendaries are gone and make it 2 raid passes per day.

The amount of people out raiding has already decreased pretty significantly even while legendaries are still available, so I do expect it to decrease significantly once again when they are gone. People have either gotten their legendaries and don’t care as much about raids or have given up hope of ever getting enough people to be successful. Maybe they put ho oh out there to keep people buying passes? Idk

Still don’t have all the details on how the mewtwo raid will work, but it sounds like they will be different than what we’re used to. Obviously that will be a big deal when that happens.

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Once they rotate through the Pokémon and put out some new monsters to catch it will change. Much like nest migrations, a new rotation will get people amped up again. Heck we got a doduo nest in town and from the chatter in discord you would think it was a Mewtwo nest. I have a feeling the same thing happens when dragonite replaces tyrantitar.

I’ve noticed the raid discussion board on discord in my town has slowed down this last week of Legendary Birds being available. Typically the same core of say 20-30 trainers get on discord daily to see if a raid works with their current schedule and obligations. Some huge turf battles also keep our discord chat boards interesting as well. For me, I’ve slowed down in participating in raids. So far I have 1 100IV Arti, 1 Moltres, 3 Lugia, and 1 Zap. I have 6 Legendary Birds, and capturing each and every one of them was a feat in itself just to organize. I haven’t even had the opportunity to battle a Snorlax, Rhydon, or Lapras because once Legendaries were released its all people have focused on. I will be happy for trainers play to return to normal after Legendary birds fly away on 8/31. Cannot wait to be out biking, running, walking, while out some place new playing pokemon go. Today was the first real break from the heat we’ve had in months where I live and it means peak PoGO playing weather is on the horizon. Oh and lets not forget, Mew2 is about to be released. Raiding pace is most definitely going to increase. The only way to get an invite is to raid! Niantic is smart…

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I feel like it will drastically slow down as (after battling a Zapdos) people won’t want to go back to battling a Lapras. The exclusive raids will keep people interested, and we saw in Japan that they can introduce new raid bosses without a problem. Maybe this is what the game needs to keep raids going.

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It will slow down, I have never been a fan of the raiding system; it takes the joy out of the game and it gets very boring after a few raids. The game will gain popularity with the introduction with Mewtwo but I don’t a lot of people will be waiting for gen 3.

Also, organising raids are annoying even if you have people to play with because not everyone is available at the same time; and they are much more popular in central cities like LA, New York and London.

Players who want to power up and max out multiple Ledgendary’s are going to need Rare Candy. The only way to get those to to do other Raids and a lot of them. It’s also a way of getting a better IV Snorlax, Tyranitar, Lapras … so on so I’ll they still will be relevant.
Drip feed in new ones and a fair amount of interest will remain.

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