Raid Week announced!


The only good thing is the shiny Bronzor and Laprasday . That’s about it for this.

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The good thing is that I can actually participate in the Lapras Raid Day. In my opinion Shiny Lapras does not have the the most beautiful design, but there’s no reason for trying to not get one.


Time to start preparing for a raid marathon.


It was nice of them to announce another Raid Hour next Wednesday as well, since they’ve dropped the ball on that a few times.

I am rather meh at this announcement, and sadly, I may not be able to make Lapras Day.

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What day is Lapras day exactly?

Never mind, found it?
Sun May 26th for me.
Ha, I have a Golf Game out in a regional town on that day and will most likely miss most of the 3hr window.

Any ideas of Lapras raid level? Will it be level 3? 4? You guys think we will be able to solo it? Duo perhaps?

I heard the Lapras caught from its raid day will get its double legacy ice moves

Should be able to catch the Raid Hour, but not the Lapras Long Lunch. Hope to get a few nice Dragonites and Ttars during the week. Do you think they’ll make Lapras Tier Five?

This looks GREAT
Now, if only we had an actually good Pokemon take up tier 5 and not have it region-locked to the US because Niantic loves them, right?

It sounds fun… I’m not sure if I can make it to the Lapras day, though… :sob:

But I’ll worry about that, when I know for sure, and try to make the best out of the other days of the week.
I’ve given up shiny hunting anyway… Got nothing in the Detective PIkachu event (yet - it ends today, but I have no hope), no Cubone, no Psyduck, no Aipom,… and before that no shiny in the Earth Day event… despite trying hard. So… why even try?

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Interesting. :smiley: I’ll be in London for 4 days doing a little city trip while all of this is going on.

Just ran across this and thought it might be worth sharing here:

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