Raid Times by location

All I was a regular player when the game first came out and now picked it up again.

While doing the Mythical Discovery challenge 6/8 I need to complete 10 raids which is not the easiest for me as I don’t have a lot of gyms around my area.

Is there any website / app in the UK that tell you what time raids start in your set area as this will just stop me wandering about trying to see if there is a raid on or due shortly.

Thanks in advance for your help.


No, not since all Pokémon third party maps went offline. The best bet is just to look

Although if you find ONE raid, fail the battle 9 times and then beat it on the tenth try, it counts as the quest


I am a free player so only get 1 daily pass a day although I do have 3 premium raid passes through quests or challeneges which I presume will speed up the process.

If you got your free pass yesterday, than today you can get one immediately after your raidbattle. :sunglasses:


this has been fixed after massive abuse on the mew quest and is not working anymore.

You now get a count on the quest once you drop your pass in a raid, rather then after doing the raid. hence you can’t repeat that.

Small tip, try to hold some gyms and keep checking them if they have eggs. that way you can check if gyms hold eggs even on the other side of the world if you would hold a gym there.


oh ok, not aware of the change

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Well you get 5 free passes today for moltres day. Be sure to look up what time it starts in your area and find a group to tag along with. Should speed up your 10 raids quest :slight_smile:


It is Saturday for you??

It is currently 04:07 in the morning on saturday yes. (Moltres day is gonna hurt like hell for me :sweat_smile:)



At least it isnt heavily raining, like it is for @coolguy761.

Unless it is? :thinking:

It is 4 me 2

Hurricane is coming

It’s kind of cold now at 8am. But the temperature will rise quick and I hope I can do a Moltres raid today.
Missed out on Zapdos. Got an Articuno though.