Raid Times and Egg Hatches

So lately been watching raid eggs in my area and we get random egg times on tier 3 and up. The egg can spawn with anywhere from 10-60 minutes till hatch. And now with raids only being 45 minute timer we have been having a difficult time getting raid groups together. Anyone else been noticing the change in times?

10-60 minutes?
Are you sure about that?

Absolutely sure. Watched one pop up earlier was a suicune egg only had 30 minutes till hatch. Watched one a few days ago that was only 11 minutes till hatch. Tier 1 and tier 2 eggs we always have an hour but Tier 3-5 is always random.

I just saw a level 1 pop up with 10 minutes

Ok you saw a lower tier than I have with a low raid time. Still proof they changed times on eggs. So not false.

First and second tier eggs should have short timers. You don’t need to organize groups for them

It’s not even the problem of needing a group for them :unamused: it’s the fact it’s still a short time till hatch and now only a 45 minute raid.

Have read the random times is a recent update Glitch. Everything I’ve read about it mentions isolated to Android. The Update was pulled fairly quickly too.

I’m on iOS & saw one on Sunday appear with 17mins till pop off. But perhaps they did to the right thing (can’t say I’ve seen any with odd timers today though) by pulling the update as I’ve still not seen it in the App store.

I’ve had this happen for almost a month. Same with the people in my area.