Raid Problem(A glitch)

I got to a raid seconds before it ended. It took my pass but I didn’t do the raid and it didn’t count :frowning:

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Hope it wasn’t a premium pass that you paid for.

That’s the reason I only raid when it starts (or with 30 minutes over).

It was

Me and my son accidentally wasted one of our raid passes a few weeks ago. We tried to do an Absol raid before we realized we couldn’t beat it with just two. So next day, we didn’t raid, and did 2 the next day. I only use the free raid passes and got a “premium” one because it was part of Mew hunt.

What levels are you two?

my record is starting a raid at the very last second is was there.
I was 200 meters away, saw the raid had 90 seconds left (level 2, shiny chance, non-gold gym), hit the gas, driveby threw in pass with really 1 second left, turned the car around to park and did the raid :smile:

Also, now i think of it. same gym but on another time way back: wanted to driveby spin the disc, threw in my pass on a level 3 jolteon…

I never had that before.I think it is a new glitch.

Yes, I believe so. I remember that if you had put in a pass it used to work for a allowed amount of time after the timer, clearly that’s changed.