Raid day/hour style

Which raid day/hour style do you like better?

  • Kanto Tour raid day - about 3 mins egg time, 25 mins raid time, raid bosses change constantly on gyms
  • Kanto birds raid hour - eggs hatch at all eligible gyms at start of raid hour, 3 hours raid time, raid bosses remain the same at the same gym for the entire raid hour

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Neither. I have never liked Raid Days.

If I don’t want to play the whole time, I can get what I need and stop with the Kanto bird style. Can’t do that if it changes each hour. Now if I knew I was going to play all day, each hour being different is fine.

My vote registered in the wrong column… I could’ve sworn I pressed Kanto Tour Day stylee… (fat fingers!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

I preferred that ‘cos I only got 2 gyms nearby and the constant swapperrooo meant I could get more raids done.

Why not? You got free raid passes, which means you get free items, free xp, free stardust, and free raid boss if you manage defeat it and catch it.

It’s literally a pain to find any Raid groups for me (I don’t join them since they all have weird Gym rules). Last Sunday, I spent two hours just going through the city and apparently ever one was remote raiding or something because everytime I found a Lobby with people in it the people where nowhere to be found. And to top that off I had the glitch where you can’t see who is in the lobby again, and if that wasn’t the case, I somehow just got locked out from a raid. It’s always been annoying and this was the very last time I tried.

I certainly understand your frustration, without prior coordination like in discord or other platforms, it’s very difficult to join the lobby with unknown randoms at the right timing, plus you certainly don’t want to sit at the gym, just checking from time to time if someone joins lobby. So raiding need prior coordination.