Raid battles and field researchs feel not rewarding. am I the only one?

as level 26, why would I have motivation to complete 7 stamps and get 1400cp snorlax when I can get in the wild 2000+cp pokemons? same goes with raid battles.
its also not worth spending stardust for powering up pokemons at my level, ill just save stardust for higher levels, catch close to max cp pokemons and max them. also I dont have enough candy to power up those rare pokemons anyway.

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Just wait for something better. And I bet you don’t see Snorlax very much in the wild.

A good reason to just catch the Snorlax.


And btw, you don’t even have to catch the Snorlax. It should feel as something extra.


You don´t see that much pókemons with over 2000 CP in the wild…
Been a level 28, it´s hard to find one with over 2000. Even the last evolution stage (like Vileplume or Meganium) are below that.
Today caught 7 Magmar and only 1 was over 1500 CP (pinap berries ended on the 3 one…).
The research is an extra prize and can be a good pókemon to have on the gyms. Finding one on the wild… good luck. Never saw one in over 3 months of play.

Cause a 1400 Snorlax is a better gym defender then a 2k CP Xatu.

CP isnt everything…

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You get great IVs tho

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  • I agree with @Avi.
  • I disagree with @Avi.

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Would rather a 2k snorlax than a 1400 snorlax. Sometimes i dont believe yall get even if IV is good cp means something…

if you got two IV 90 snorlax you cant say you would want the cp 1400😒

Obviously youd want a 2000 over a 1400. if the IV is the same. But that wasnt the issue. @Avi says wild 2000CP pokemon. I dont think he means wild snorlax cause they dont really spawn alot in the wild.

who cares about good gym defenders when there is cp decay tho? anyone can beat it anyway.
I mean I know you can feed berries but if you wanna get coins you shouldnt defend the gym for long time anyway so you want it to decay.
but well, I see that most of you not agree with me, so I guess they shouldnt change anything with that if most players like it the way it is.

Be happy you can do raid battles

Well he did say “when he can get a wild” even if they don’t spawn frequently. All my wild ones were good. I personally don’t strengthen the breakthrough pokemon. I care about cp, i believe everyone deep down does. Why power up if you don’t?

I can’t spend dust on a 1400 to make 3000+ well i could but for me it wouldn’t be a smart move

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1400 CP decays slower than 2000 CP.

Even if the Pokémon isn’t something you will power up, it’s still candy, stardust and more interesting to catch than common Pokémon.

If you are really so set against a Snorlax you could wait cash in the research again until August.

@Avi you want higher lvl/cp pokemon in breakthrough?

This was a Wild Catch, no Power Ups.
I’d still rather get a 100% from a Quest, Hatch or Raid though.

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I was happy just to get the 12 candies from the Snorlax yesterday.

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I personally would consider the field research Snorlax as a bonus. It has body slam as well. Also, CP means nothing. A 1500 cp dragonite is better than a 4000 cp slaking


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Well not nothing, a 3000CP dragonite is obviously better than a 1500CP dragonite. But yeah, it depends alot on wich pokemon you are comparing.

Look at the poll results. Everyone disagrees😂

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