Race to level 35

I just reached level 34!
everyone else who is level 34 can join this race to 35 if they want
do you want to join?

  • Yes
  • No

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@luke are you level 34?

10k xp away from 35…not really fair

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I am about 10k on the way to 35

20k xp into lvl 34, playing roblox and minecraft, cant play cuz I’m sick

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How much?
I am 250,000,/ 1,250,000


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1,000,000/1,250,000 boi, prepare to lose lol

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Now almost 400k

Don’t you guys get much time to play? I’m level 40 and went from 20 million xp to 43 million in a very short time.

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I’ve been playing since summer 2017

Same with me

June 2018, and close to lvl 35.

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1st @MrHeineken88: level 35
2nd @iLikeCastform : level 35
3rd (probably @Luke : 46k away xp)
4th (probably @UltraInstinct841: 530k xp

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Im 46k away

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Is there a race to lvl 36?
Because I’m in for that race.

You can make it

This is my secret weapon, a best friend so I can jump from 1,050,000 to level 35, just need a lucky egg

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