R/pokemongo - For level 40 - New level and Gym System

Terrible imo, getting it is too difficult, one legendary would always be Lugia and thats unbeatable by lower-level players due to no decay
And getting more coins than others isnt really fair, not to mention I doubt even 1/100 gyms would actually have a master

What I suggest is just letting legendaries defend gyms altogether like normal Pokémon, increase the reward in dust and put a cap at 100 coins
Maybe, as somebody suggested already, you could join a new “blank” team and add yourself to any gyms with space or beat any gym you would want to
Maybe even make two teams, “blank” and “rainbow” (not actual names)


its simple, lower-level players can get the coins by tier players, how the master can’t recovery the legendary, it wil be the same system, the fair point is, he can’t use berry to recovery

But since Lugia doesnt lose motivation, it cant be beaten by a low-level player

lugia is one example, he will loss when fighted

But a low-leveled player cant beat it without CP Decay, and neither can he beat many others

No CP decay is just too much really

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