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Quite disappointed with Shiny Regionals event

Egg 1/8 Mr. Mime :unamused:

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And just as one disappointing event ends, another one begins!
Yeah yeah they are a couple of days apart but my point stands

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And even more disappointing – your own region’s regional from a 5 km egg. We get our own regionals in the wild, without eggs (and wasted incubators) already!

Doing this while taking away the 50% egg distance discount is a slap in the face (or a kick in the stones, whichever metaphor you prefer).


Speaking of stones, we have another disappointment there as well
I seriously have no idea what is Niantic doing at this point
Usually, they were going for sure and easy money but this?

Alright, so i had to finish the last few eggs i got before monday 22:00 but heres the results of 2 weeks hatching:

~90 hatched. Most 7km eggs, a few others cause this event tricks you by having to spin stops so you get gifts to send to friends, but then you also get other eggs…
43 regionals.
1 shinie (Tauros. Since im in Europe, im happy with that.)
0 100% IV

Considering the odds, its not bad. I dont give too much about shinies that arent legendary and i thought Tauros was the cooles to get anyways.
Funny thing about it is that the shinie Tauros came out of the 3rd to last egg. I hatched it about 24 hours after the event ended.

About the new event… Well yeah it sucks, if youre not on vacation outside of your own region.
If you are, its sortoff OK i guess. Depends on the shinie rate alot though.
I wont be spending incubators on this.

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Personally I enjoyed the last event, but that’s because I ended up with two event shinies from every week.

The next event is a bit of a disappointment. Definitely won’t be buying incubators, I’ll be saving up for raid passes and more storage.

Just so I understand, Niantic … for the next event I can look forward to hatching a slew of Pokemon that I have zero interest in hatching? If I wanted to do that, I’d just hatch friend eggs. :wink:

Well over 150 eggs hatched each week of the event and all I managed was a Tauros (local shiny that I had already caught in wild).

Others locally did pretty well, but after reviewing my hatches I firmly believe the egg pool was to diluted with Alolan Pokémon and babies to give people fair opportunity to catch.

What could have been a cool event turned out to be a disappointment for many trainers who invested coins and shoe tread for a chance for a shiny regional and didn’t manage to get any shinies from outside their region.


They got me to spend a lot of coins on incubators at the end of it all a 120 Eggs and no shiny

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Not going to buy incubators either. I’ll continue to save my 50 coins a day for Ultra Box.

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Egg 2/8 another Mr. Mime :angry:


Egg 3/8 3rd Mr. Mime! :rage:

It only takes me 30 days to collect 1480 coins.

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Egg 1/8 is a Mr. Mime but I’m going to focus on 5km’s now.

Egg 4/8 Alolan Meowth (odds are not looking good)

Egg 5/8 Igglybuff :expressionless:

Egg 6/8 Alolan Diglett
Egg 7/8 Tyrogue
Only 1 egg left. What are the odds? Not fair, Niantic.

About 0.8% on a single 7km egg. Good luck.

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Egg 8/8 Elekid with bad IV :tired_face:

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Egg 1-4/9
Elekid (2x)