Quite disappointed with Shiny Regionals event

Is anyone else a bit disappointed with this event?
I hatched so far 61 7km eggs during the event, and I got so far the total amount of 0 shinies.
I know that it somewhat depends on your “luck”, but the impression I have is that the less you play the game, greater the “luck” you have when playing. I know some people in the city I play that hatched about 2~4 eggs and got a regional shiny, and there are those that quited the game for a while and when they come back, they get tons of shinies.

I can’t take off of my head that Niantic favors those that quited or occasionally play the game with good stuff to cheer them up and make them play the game, while those that already play the game a lot will keep playing anyway regardless of anything.

Just posting to share a bit of my discouragement with the game lately.


I haven’t hatched a Shiny regional, but I almost don’t care because everything else in this game has been absolutely amazing to me.

Three hundos (Larvitar, Dratini and Kabuto)
Two Shinies (Clamperl and Elekid)
1 wild Unown encounter
A hatched 96% Chimchar in time for its Community Day

All in three days.


Thats nice. You got really cool and useful 100% IV Pokémon lately.

Of all the 61 eggs I hatched till now, only 2 are good(but not that useful) and over 91%. A 98% IV Mr.Mime and a 100% IV Smoochum.

Only sad feelings.


A hundo is a hundo; that’s how I see it, so congrats on that.

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I hatched 35 eggs. Best hatch: 98% kangaskhan but no shiny yet

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I dont really care about these, they dont look too good anyway and the chance is far too low
Spun my first and likely only 10km egg of this week, doubt its not a regular Mr. Mime
Im much more interested in new Pokémon than shinies since I rarely get those

I’m not really trying. It’s almost been a year since I’ve hatched a Shiny and I’m definitely going to try to hatch a Shiny Turtwig from a 2km Egg received during Turtwig CD.

I’m mostly getting babies, which is disappointing.

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I still haven’t hatched a shiny regional or any other shiny and I bought adventure box and used all the incubators. There’s one more week to get them so hopefully shiny luck will be on my side.


I have hatched 75 of the 7km eggs this week without any shiny regionals yet. However, I like the rarity, it makes it special when it does happen. If everyone was hatching these new shiny frequently then it would not be special or rewarding.


Totally agree with your sentiments about the weighted favouritism to absent and new to game players.
Seen way too many many examples to not think there is something else at play behind the game wall.
I gave up putting in extra effort or time during events quite a while ago now. Nothing they do in the game makes me alter the amount of time or the way I want to play the game. It did early on but once you miss out on a few things the care factor evaporates quickly.

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I certainly don’t want it to rain shinies. I actually think the CDs have cheapened those particular shinies due to how easy it is to get so many of them. I’m more disappointed with the number of baby Pokemon I get from 7K eggs as opposed to regionals (shiny or not). I had hoped they’d alter that a little for these couple of weeks. Outside of this event, I don’t want anything to do with 7K eggs. I’ve hatched enough Smoochum, thanks. :wink:


A little bit I’ve hatched over 100 7km eggs and no shinies, part of me cares and the other part doesn’t really care if I get a shiny. On the bright side I’ve gotten a 100% Cleffa and 3 98% regionals and I’ve exercised a lot this week by walking a ton of miles, so not a complete waste


I have Hatched 36 7k eggs and no shiny kind of sucks but I’m still trying


You are completely right. Shiny Pokémon should and must be rares.

The point is that I noticed that people that don’t play the game daily use to have much more luck(with shinies) than players that play it everyday. I’m telling because that’s what happens with the great majority of players in my city.

It sounds like Nantic says to “Ocassional Players”: Hey, come and play me pls, me give you shinies so pls play.
And to “Daily players”: Come on you piece of Regis you already play the game get off we dont need you.


And as an update: 88 eggs hatched so far, and still no shiny. Only 9 incubators left :face_with_head_bandage:


43 and no shiny

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I’ve hatched about 120, give or take, and no Shiny. Oh well. I caught a third Shiny outside of Turtwig and two additional hundos. This has been a fruitful week outside of the event.


I’d say for me personally that it’s opposite where I live, the people that play daily pretty much end up with 3-5 shinies a week while the occasional players (my wife included) don’t really get any shinies.

Update: 130 eggs and no shinies

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I got 14 or 15 7km eggs every day and no shiny luck. It’s frustrating they didn’t shrink the pool in the 7km eggs for the event, it’s my guess they didn’t change the shiny chance in eggs so it’s going to be tough,

My local pogo community has at least 10 people who have showed off their shiny regional hatches so far, 4 of my good friends. Fortunately we have another week so hopefully a few more of us will have luck.

I did manage one wild shiny tauros so far so but I’m really hoping to manage at least one shiny from outside the region.