Quests in Pokemon GO

I think it would be awesome if Niantic added in-game cooperative quests to add some depth to the game, and encourage more cooperation.
For example, at a random time, you will get a notification saying “[Gym name here] was taken over by Team Rocket!”, then you could go to that gym, and battle the AI placed team rocket pokemon, and after you succeed, a cutscene will start, showing Giovanni announcing that he is taking over your local area! Oh no! You will then unlock more missions(and harder ones), involving going to certain gyms, visiting specific locations/pokestops, and uncovering secrets. You will have to work together with players from other teams to defeat Team Rocket once and for all! They could do so much with this. They could have massive Boss Fights, similar to raids, where players work together to fight Giovanni and the team rocket executives, and they could even release legendaries in this way! You would earn exclusive items from these quests, including evolution items, coins, and XP. They could also update this system with each generation (Team galactic, plasma, etc.). What are your thoughts on this idea? (not like it will ever happen!)


I think the addition of NPCs would add great depth to the game. I don’t know they will ever do it but I love the concept.


A very good idea, as an informatics I could imagine the complexity of work inside, huh, I would be afraid to try it. Think, for every player the list of Quests has to be calculated by the area where there are normally, and so much other things to have in account…


Your article was Totally Awesome!!! I give it beyond 900000000000000000000000000000 Points!!! I don’t understand why Niantic hasn’t implemented this and like 9000000000000000000000000 gazillion other ideas that you and others have suggested. All they have to do is copy the Cartoon Series that’s it that simple. These suggestions could have been add ons and made POGO even better. Like quests and such and etc…


Definitely good idea, but those raids would be good if they were at like 3-4 level raids. And if they would somehow add all of the teams, they should be less-cruel that they was in main games (Team rocket was tormenting and killing pkmn’s, cutting slowpoke tails to sell them for food :scream: while team plasma i guess, their main goal was to KILL EVERY LIVING THING, and later in game was trying to kill you (no jokes!)), so good idea but i think before adding them Niantic should make story not-cruel-like.

Team plasma wasn’t trying to kill anyone, actually. They just wanted to hoard all the Pokémon to themeselves and make everyone else release their Pokémon. Team rocket DOES kill pokemon, though, like the Kangaskhan at lavender tower.

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oh, thx for correcting me with team plasma, i was thinking in some way they were like that.

You are right though, that groups like team rocket were incredibly cruel. They and groups like them were the reason the Pokémon eventually rebelled and overthrew their human trainers in the future.(that’s a story for another thread, though!)

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Niantix could put NPCs of team rocket just wandering around and could give us a notification that team rocket was in your local area…if you find and defeat team rocket they could drop items like things to build temporary pokestops and and 1 use incubators. Items that we wont even know what they are for until later in the game.


Yeah, and NPC’s taking over gyms will give rural players a challenge, as well, and help them get their coins by getting kicked out by team rocket.


There coming soon!

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I think they’ll come out in this quarter.

and and?

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