Question: multiple ex raid

Has anyone had multiple Ex pass same day and it not be a glitch.

You recieved two ex pass same day different times and was able to go to both.

I have tried playing in multiple cells and it either 1) gives 1 pass 2) gives none

Either i get one or it negates boths the passes.

I want to try and get more than 1 ex a week is the plan. Is it possible. I already know it is possible to have two ex held. So 1 ex for 1 week and another the next. That is not the question.:face_with_monocle:

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I have only one phone, and I started a new trainer in a different team when my first one reached level 38, figuring it could be up to a tolerable level when my first one maxes out at 40. (The first is about 2/3 through level 39 now, and the ‘new’ one is 29.)

But since then I’ve had both do the same raids (switching and then raiding again). Every time one got an EX invite, the other has, too. Even when one gets invites two weeks in a row (meaning it has both in the bag for awhile), the other got both invites, too.

But that’s not quite what you’re asking about, is it?

if you can get two for the same day on 1 account

Out side of a Glitch that I’ve only herd of happening once for a few people in my area it’s not possible to get Mutiple Passes in the one round on the same account.
I think I tested this possibility enough over 5 month period when I was Raiding 3-6 Ex Eligible Gyms a week. All were triggered every week but I only ever got 1 Ex Pass.
I then reverted back to only doing 2 every week. One that was a regular virtually guaranteed and a project one with my group to set off previously un triggered ones. I only missed out one week when we got clock blocked and that was the only Gym I’d done that week.


So I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch but I’ve gotten 2 EX raid passes for one particular week, two different gyms in two different cells.

That would have been the Glitch week. It was a Global thing.
Some got 2 and were able to do both and some got 2 but had the second one revoked by Niantic prior to Ex Raid day.
That Glitch was a different one to the one where people got Ex Passes and had only spun the Gym and had not Raided at it.

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I wish I got 2 ex raids…


Ahhh I see, just out of curiosity when was that glitch week?

Too long ago now and as I never got 2 myself my personal Raid records I keep wont help me find it.
It think it was some time around when the Ex Qualification changed from very random to every player wins a prize as long as you you had enough unique accounts.
I have a feeling the 2 Glitches were only a month or 2 apart.

Ok, just curious, looking at the date I caught my mewtwo the glitch was probably in May then

Glitch ex passes = you never raided and just got pass.

or it you raided at ex spot and it choose another location

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