Question/Concern About Mew in Kanto Event

Hello! I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere and thought I would ask here.
I am going to buy an event ticket because I am missing a huge chunk of Kanto shinies, but I want to make sure I’ll still be able to get the shiny Mew.

I transferred my Mew from the special research task to Home, before this event was announced. The app (Go) said that I wouldn’t be able to obtain another Mew. Does this mean I won’t be able to claim the shiny Mew? I have a secondary account, but I would prefer the ticket to be on my main account - I’ve been saving up resources.

Thanks for any help!

You will be able to claim shiny Mew. The warning was for the regular Mew because you can only have 1 mythical Pokemon from the research. Now with the Kanto event you can get shiny Mew as well. It’s just like with Celebi.


Oh that’s awesome! Thank you!


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