Question about the Battledex

Hi, I have a question about the Battledex. I’m just a little confused on how to read it as there isn’t really a key for the symbols and what not. Thank you

I’ll try to help out where I can. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the roles, so we’ll go with that.

Question Mark or Shield

I know that this used to be a Shield, but it’s showing as a question mark for me. This icon says that its role is ideally suited to be a Defender in gyms.

Crossed Swords

The Crossed Swords denote that this Pokemon is a good attacker.


The Star indicates that this Pokemon should only be used in special circumstances. As an example, Lanturn should only be used as an attacker if it has Electric moves, and you’re battling a Water type only.

The Order

The order matters for only one thing: if it’s a better attacker or defender. Slowking is a better Attacker, while the rest are better defenders.


And this is a big however: this Battledex was started prior to the gym rework, and has since been put on pause. The information doesn’t apply anymore… Dragonite dropped out of Tier 1 due to it’s dual weakness to Ice types. Snorlax jumped up into Tier 1 due to it’s only weakness being Fighting moves. Steelix jumped up due to no dual weaknesses, and is now a quality defender. Until they update the information here, it’s pretty useless.