Quest for Mew- Do tasks I have already completed count?

So the quest for Mew is here and I am freaking out. I literally just evolved a magikarp! It took me forever! I read that evolving one is one of the tasks… Do I have to evolve another one to get mew? Is there a time limit on the research quest? It is going to take me forever to catch enough magikarps to evolve one again! :frowning:

NO It wont count. Gotta get the quest first.

Ahhh that is so frustrating, it makes me not want to play anymore :(. I live in a rural area so sometimes it is impossible to complete the special missions required to get rare pokemon :frowning:

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Set Magikarp as Buddy and get walking.

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You just have to wait, so I do

Some options for you @chloem28

Where it says ‘reach level (0)’ that is obvs claimable if you are that level. Gutted for you though. Good luck