Quarterly updates or have I missed something?

I don’t know where the source came from but I’m pretty sure there were meant to be quarterly large slash significance updates for this game.
First quarter was gen 2
Second quarter gym rework slash raids
Third quarter … Or did I miss something

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1st Quarter (Februar) = Gen2
2nd Quarter (June) = Raids
3rd Quarter (July) = Legendaries
4th Quarter (October) = Gen3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not sure whether gen 3 will be released in October. Instead of gen 3, I think the last, main quarter update is expected to be Ex raids.

I hope gen 3 is out in october - the game is pretty dull right now tbh

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legendaries should not be part of the big update. Its just new pokemon that we were missing in the first place. Plus they can’t even defend gyms.

IMO, there are no update for the 3rd quarter Yet. Maybe we will see a delayed one later this month. The 4th quarterly update should come by the end of Dec or early Jan 2018

I was wondering about this. Why can;t they defend gyms? It’s not like they have super stats (e.g Suicune is worse than a Vaporeon) + after a raid battle their CP reduces significantly (e.g 40000 to 1900).

I don;t see why they can’t defend in gyms…or am I missing something else?

i don’t know myself. Its a weird thing.

Legendaries counts as one. The fourth quarter is a mystery, personally feel gen 3 would revive the game. Kind of dead to me atm because legendaries aren’t all that exciting.

First quarter: quests / more gen 3’s
Second quarter: pvp?
Third quarter: gen 4?

First quarter also lots of gen 3

Editted it

John Hanke confirms: It’s quarterly.