Q&A: will Android get AR+?

Will android devices get AR+

I think so, because ARCore 1.0 is coming soon.
(Google said 15th Dec that it’s coming in the coming months.)

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It’s basically a given that AR+ will come on Android in the coming months, but we’re not sure on when exactly

Android has yet to receive AR. Far before AR+ comes out Android should get AR.

They have AR, not AR+, I use AR quite alot.

Taken with Android.


AR+ for iPhone uses their ARKit technology and isn’t possible on Android right now.

ARCore (the Android equivalent is currently in development) and will allow the Android version of Pokemon Go to implement AR+. We can expect and update for Pokemon GO a few months after ARCore is out of developer preview.

AR+ won’t work on all Android phones though, check the following list:

More phones will likely be supported after it’s out of beta, but you’ll definitely need one that runs Nougat or Oreo.